For athletes, for patients

Building on years of inter-disciplinary research, Biomex spun out of Imperial College London's department of Bioengineering in 2020. Our mission is to exploit emergent technologies to address current limitations in the treatment of major musculoskeletal conditions.

Meet the Team

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Lance Rane


Medical doctor and engineer. Lance draws on his background in neuroscience, rehabilitation, biomechanics and machine learning to lead Biomex.

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Anthony Bull


Professor of musculoskeletal mechanics. Head of the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial. Anthony brings world-leading expertise to Biomex.

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Alice Benton

Engineering Researcher

Alice runs data collection and validation activities while completing her PhD in the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College.

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Martin Ramette

Technical Project Manager

Graduate biomedical engineer (MSc, PhD) with a specialization in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology. Martin brings in-depth scientific knowledge and great communication skills to advance the project toward clinical testing.

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Xueyan Li

Student Researcher

Xueyan is keen on exploring machine learning methods that can improve efficiency in a data constrained system. She is currently studying Bioengineering at Imperial College London.

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Eline van der Kruk


Assistant Professor of Biomechanical Engineering at TU Delft. Eline's analytical skills are second to none and she has a keen eye for good design, making her a huge asset to the team!

Diana Toderiță

Scientific Advisor

Postdoctoral research associate (MEng, PhD) in Imperial College London. Diana provides expert scientific guidance on biomechanical analysis techniques and their application in understanding musculoskeletal function.

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Fearghal Behan

Scientific Consultant

Fearghal is a musculoskeletal research scientist. He utilises his clinical background as a physiotherapist alongside his research in neuromuscular physiology, biomechanics, exercise science, and imaging to aid in optimising population musculoskeletal health.

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